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The People's Pension Developer Hub is built using the latest industry standards, designed to make life simple for payroll software developers. Using The People's Pension Open APIs and our self-service portal, we will help you discover, develop and deliver integrations with one of the largest workplace pensions in the UK.

“The People’s Pension have clearly worked hard to design and deliver their Payroll Integration Developer Hub that is truly focused upon us as software engineers, with everything we needed to integrate this API into our Payroll software.

I’d very happily say that based upon current experience of the Developer Hub and the overall approach taken by The People’s Pension, this looks to be clearly the best of all the pension providers’ API services out there.”

Tim Sheppard – CEO of MyPAYE

Create feature-rich, seamless integrations

Pension scheme setup in payroll

Take the hassle and risk out of rekeying information by using our API to get your scheme data directly into your payroll.

Opt-outs automatically returned to your payroll

Save your customers time looking for opt out emails by creating 'one-click’ confirmations in payroll.

Submitting payroll data

Do away with having to create new files and reports to upload, just submit with one click.

Peace of mind

Our Open APIs plug in to a workplace scheme used by thousands of employers, all with the same great support.

And that's just the beginning

Listening to our customers is important to us, so we have exciting plans for further integrations and service improvements based on what you've said. We'll be sharing these and our road map in our newsletters.

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